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About Concord Area Transit

Mission Statement Concord Area Transit's mission is to provides safe, accessible affordable, customer-centered public transportation that responds to and serves the transit and economic development needs of the City of Concord, its residents, visitors, nonprofit organizations and businesses.     CAT's History CAT Service Study Governance Safety and Security at CAT CAT Facts Title VI Supporters For More Information about CAPBMCI     CAT’s History  In the 1970s there was discussion about the feasibility of bus service in Concord.  Concord’s City Council contracted with the Community Services Council to conduct a study.   This study served as the framework for the system that was developed.  Prior to 1989, Capital Transit had operated bus service in Concord and the YMCA had operated some senior service.    In 1989, the City of Concord went out to bid for public transit service.  Since high bids came in to operate the service, the City of Concord's mayor appointed a committee made up of supporters and detractors of the bus service  The outcome was to approach the Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. (CAPBMCI) to provide the service.   CAPBMCI operated and continues to operate senior bus service in the region and, therefore, was in a position to step up to the plate.    The agreement was that the city would provide match support (Annual federal grants for transit require a 20% or 50% match depending on the type of funding.) to purchase buses and three years of operating support as a pilot program.  A City of Concord Advisory Committee would work with CAPBMCI.   CAPBMCI began CAT and still operates it as one of its programs and transportation systems.  From CAT’s inception, it included fixed-route service as well as weekday service for seniors and people with disabilities.   The routes were the Heights to Concord Hospital and the Penacook to South Concord along with service for people with disabilities and seniors. At this time, the first Orion buses were used on the routes. Trolleys were rented and operated during the six-week holiday season for three years.  These trolleys were supported by the Chamber of Commerce, Concord Hospital and Steeplegate Mall.  CAMBMCI also assumed operation of senior service that had been operated by the YMCA.  In 1991, the City of Concord began to provide CAPBMCI with ongoing funding to support public transportation beyond the three-year pilot.   In 1999, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandated specific regulations for bus service for people with disabilities.  Since CAT already provided such service, it ensured that it conformed to the new ADA regulations.  In 1999, CAT also operated the Penacook, Heights, Manchester Street and senior service.  Manchester Street service was funded through a three-year Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant.   By 2005, CAT had started a Crosstown bus service between Airport Road and Concord Hospital.  The Crosstown bus developed into the Industrial Park route that operates between Industrial Park Drive and the hospital today.   CAT started year-round trolley service in 2008 when it received a three-year CMAQ grant.  The matching funds for this grant were generously donated by Delta Dental.   For studies of CAT service, click here. Governance CAT participates in the Public Transit Subcommittee (PTS) of the City of Concord’s Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC). Click here for the members of both groups. Although the PTS serves an advisory function to the City of Concord, CAT also receives input from the PTS to guide its operations.  Click here for a list of the members.  If you would like to become a member of the PTS, please come to the monthly meetings.  They are on the first Thursday of the month at 6 pm in Concord’s city hall in the second floor conference room.   The public is welcome and encouraged to participate. By Federal Transit Administration regulation, CAT is required to involve the public in transit service decisions if it proposes to reduce service.  CAT advertises its public hearings in the newspaper and on the buses when service changes are proposed.  The public is encouraged to provide input in person and in writing in response to proposals. Since CAT is a program of CAPBMCI, its board of directors is CAPBMCI’s board.  Click here for a list of the board. Safety and Security at CAT CAT, as a program of CAPBMCI, makes all efforts to ensure that, if confronted with a safety or security event or emergency, personnel will respond effectively -- using good judgment, ensuring due diligence and building on best practices identified in rules and procedures, and exercised through drills and training.  CAT follows the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Model Transit Vehicle Safety Programs guidelines in our internal focus on safety and FTA’s Public Transportation System Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide.   CAT Facts - Fiscal Year 2011 (July 2010 - June 2011) Three fixed routes – Penacook, Heights and Crosstown. Two demand-response services – Americans with Disabilities Act paratransit and senior transit service. Total number of rides annually – 114,783 Total vehicle miles - 235,872 Total vehicle hours – 19,939 Number of jobs provided – 21   Annual funds injected into the Concord economy - $738,044 Title VI Concord Area Transit hereby gives public notice of its policy to uphold and assure full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, and all related statutes.  Title VI and related statutes prohibiting discrimination in federally assisted programs require that no person in the United States of America shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal assistance.  Any person who believes they have been aggrieved by an unlawful discretionary practice regarding Concord Area Transit’s programs has the right to file a formal complaint.  Any such complaint must be in writing and submitted to the Concord Area Transit Title VI coordinator within 60 days following the date of the alleged occurrence.  For more information regarding civil rights complaints, please contact: Mobility Manager Community Action Program Belknap Merrimack Counties, Inc. P.O. Box 1016 Concord, New Hampshire 03302-1016   Supporters   New Hampshire Department of Transportation PO Box 483 | 7 Hazen Drive Concord, New Hampshire 03302-0483 (603) 271-3734   City of Concord City Clerk’s Office 41 Green St Concord NH  03301 603-225-8500   All of the CAT passengers who travel with us.   Central New Hampshire Planning Commission 28 Commercial Street Suite #3 Concord NH  03301 603-226-6020   Dedicated members of the Public Transportation Subcommittee of the City of Concord’s Transportation Policy Advisory Committee   Concord Hospital 250 Pleasant St Concord NH  03301 603-225-2711   Doug Hall   Lutheran Social Services Interfaith Refugee Resettlement 261 Sheep Davis Road A-1 Concord NH  03301 603-224-8111   Manzi Murenzi Director Center for New Americans 4 Park St #215 Concord NH 03301 603-552-5240   New Hampshire Federal Credit Union 70 Airport Road Concord NH  03301 603-224-7731 or 800-639-4039   New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) 31 College Drive Concord NH  03301 603-271-6484   Northeast Delta Dental One Delta Drive P.O. Box 2002 Concord, NH 03302-2002 603-223-1000 or 800-537-1715   Office of Minority Health and Refugee Affairs 97 Pleasant Street Concord NH 03301 603-271-3986   Older Americans Act Fund Administration on Aging Washington DC 20001 202-401-4634   Tanger Outlets 120 Laconia Road TiltonNH 03276 work603-286-7880   Town of Bow 10 Grandview Road Bow NH  03304 603-228-1187

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